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Technology-based investment solutions to those looking to access private markets.

Secondary Trading

PPEX provides access, liquidity, and transparency for investors in the secondary market.

Advisory Services

North Capital's investment advisory business focuses on delivering planning & investment solutions to meet our clients' specific needs.

Escrow & Custody

NCPS provides escrow services for offerings under Reg D, Reg A+, Reg S, and Reg CF exemptions.

Payment Processing

Our payment processing is integrated with all technology products.

Investment Management

Four enduring principles: diversification, open architecture, low costs, and tax efficiency.

Agency Brokerage

NCPS serves as agency broker for select private funds, registered funds, REITs, & exempt securities

Accredited Investors 

North Capital provides services for accredited investor verification.

Money Market Fund

Click to view more information about the North Capital Treasury Money Market Fund.

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