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Marketplace-as-a-Service fully integrates the capability of TransactAPI as a white label solution. Commonly referred to as a ‘platform in a box’, our MaaS is a quick-to-market solution. Powered by TransactAPI, MaaS incorporates your logo and branding, and can be customized to meet your platform needs. Out of the box, our white-label platforms include the ability to customize all investor-facing information, upload offering documents and materials, and process investments through checks, wire or ACH transfers.

  • Full white label funding platform

  • Quick time to market: 2-3 weeks

  • Installed software + SaaS solution

  • Easy to use admin portal

  • Can connect to existing website

  • Pre-configured investment process

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Checks

  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) Checks

  • Accredited Investor Verification

  • Accepts ACH Transfer, Check, or Wire Transfer

  • Send Documents for Electronic Signature

  • Download Offering Documents

  • Secure Storage of Personal & Confidential Information


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