For Partnerships, Private Funds, and Issuers

North Capital Private Securities (NCPS) is a registered broker dealer focused on the offering, transaction, and settlement of private and other exempt securities, such as offerings under Reg A+, Reg D, and Reg S. Issuers and professional intermediaries, such as funding platforms, may be required to have licensed representatives when conducting securities offerings. NCPS offers the ability to affiliate with our broker-dealer to hold licenses and provide compliance oversight of securities business conducted through the firm.

North Capital is highly experienced as a managing broker for Reg A+, Reg D, and Reg S offerings. Our team provides expertise in:

  • Pre-offering Due Diligence
  • SEC and FINRA Qualification
  • Investor Vetting
  • Advertising Review
  • Subscription Escrow
  • Payments and Settlement
  • Custody

Our expertise, along with our transparent, API-enabled technology and procedures, provides fast and predictable turnaround times, which allows our clients to streamline their business processes and run their operations more efficiently.

Perform Investor Qualification

NCPS provides services to perform the necessary compliance checks that are required to accept an investor into a securities offering. These services include:

  • Accredited Investor Verification
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Checks
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) Checks
  • Investor Suitability Checks
  • Transact Offerings

These checks are also available to be transmitted via API or through our technology products.

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Experienced Team

The North Capital Private Securities team consists of several Series 24 Registered Principals who supervise the firm’s broker dealer activities. These processes have been carefully planned and perfected to enable regulatory compliance with FINRA rules and guidance.

North Capital ensures that their employees are qualified professionals who strive to provide the best service to the firm’s clients in order to maintain a high level of compliance.

Manage Investor Records

North Capital uses secure systems to store confidential investor information so that clients do not need to worry about providing security themselves.

This information can also be collected and stored in our systems electronically via API through any of North Capital’s technology products.

Ensure Transparency and Investor Protection

As a registered broker dealer, NCPS has an obligation to ensure that investors are protected and that all risks are clearly disclosed to every investor before they are accepted into any sort of securities transactions that are offered through NCPS.

Our representatives help guide clients through this process by providing disclosure statements and reviewing all offering and marketing materials to ensure that all the information is correct and risks are being disclosed.

Perform Due Diligence

NCPS will conduct ”Reasonable basis” due diligence in accordance with FINRA NTM 10-22 and Rule 2111. During this time, an NCPS representative will review your offering, including performing an independent analysis of the project economics and reviewing offering materials (pitch book, offering memorandum, entity formation documents, risk disclosures, subscription documents). The purpose of the review is to ascertain whether the offering is suitable for investors, and to ensure, to the best of our ability, that the offering materials are free of material misstatements and material omissions of information.

NCPS will work with you and your counsel to ensure that any red flags or other potential disclosure items are addressed prior to closing.

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Advertising Approval

NCPS will review any offering communications that constitute “communication with the public” under FINRA Rule 2210 — dissemination of information to more than 25 recipients within a 30 day period to ensure “fair and balanced” compliance and mitigate the risk of an inadvertent 10b-5 violation. A registered principal will review these materials, send back any comments or questions, and approve the material once the principal believes that the content is fair and balanced and complies with rule 2210.

Supervisory and Advisory Services

We will be available for consultation on any matters related to your offering, including facilitating investments through qualified, self-directed accounts (IRAs, ROTHs), post-transaction reporting, communicating with investors and managing customer complaints (if any), interfacing with administrators, accountants, transfer agents etc. There is no additional charge for advice and counsel that is incidental to the offering.

Subscription Escrow

If the offering is a contingent offering, as defined under SEA Rule 15c2-4, NCPS can serve as escrow agent and facilitate the opening and maintenance of a subscription escrow account for the collection and management of investors funds. There is no requirement to use NCPS, but we are typically a low cost provider for subscription escrow due to the high volume of exempt offerings with which we are involved each year.