Written by North Capital Administrator

Women Need Finance, and Finance Needs Women

by Emily Kohnman


Barbara Stewart, CFA, writes for the Enterprising Investor about why women need finance, and finance needs women. We couldn’t agree more.


Some of her key observations:


“Historically, few women knew much about finance — they didn’t need to. Few women had jobs, or didn’t make much money if they did…  Today, women are earners, executives, and the ones who make the majority of the household spending and financial decisions. All women, young and old, need to know about finance.”


“Helping people increase their financial skills in order to make more informed investment decisions will be the biggest growth opportunity for financial institutions in both market share and profits.”   This is true for everyone, but especially with regard to women, who have been an under-served demographic.


“…banish all boring seminars that are simply poorly disguised, hour-long sales pitches for the latest investment product.”


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