TransactAPI is a transactional technology platform that enables broker-dealers, funding platforms, and issuers to conduct online private securities offerings. Our standards-based API toolkit can be quickly and easily integrated with proprietary platforms, saving development time and money. Issuers, intermediaries, and advisors can benefit from TAPI’s straight through processing of private placement transactions, which enables higher transaction volumes, expands access to investors, and reduces processing times.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Our API can be used to access or store specific data within our API database. Clients can use the data to store on their own systems and access exact information that is needed to complement their business objectives.

TransactAPI is also integrated with third-party API's that allow our clients to be able to perform KYC/AML checks, initiate ACH transfers, and send documents for electronic signature.


Marketplace as a Service fully integrates the capability of TransactAPI as a white label solution. Commonly referred to as a ‘platform in a box’, our MaaS is a quick-to-market solution. Powered by TransactAPI, MaaS incorporates your logo and branding, and can be customized to meet your platform needs. Out of the box, our white-label platforms include the ability to customize all investor-facing information, upload offering documents and materials, and process investments through checks, wire or ACH transfers. Check out our proprietary platforms and to get an idea of our Marketplace as a Service.

DirectInvest Button

The DirectInvest button is a single-offering module intended for individual issuers. Built with the same functionality as TransactAPI, the DirectInvest button is easily embedded on a website, within an iframe, or shared as a URL. Investors can complete the entire investment process, from viewing documents, to including e-signing embedded subscription documents, to submitting payment information using the DirectInvest button. The button can be customized to match the color scheme, font, and design of an existing website.

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