Anton Prakash

About Anton Prakash

Chief Technologist

Anton Prakash is the Chief Technologist of North Capital Investment Technology, responsible for the design, development, engineering, and support of the firm’s technology stack. Mr. Prakash is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of EphronTech, a global custom software and professional services firm.

Anton Prakash has over 25 years of experience in software engineering and information technology, and over 15 years of experience in the fintech sector. Mr.Prakash started his career in the UAE with Gulf Air. Mr. Prakash moved to the United States with General Electric, where he was responsible for database development and data center administration. His experience with fintech began in the commercial real estate arena, as head of product development for a startup. In this role, Mr. Prakash developed an automated system for loan application processing and loan trading between commercial banks. Following a successful exit, Mr. Prakash became the program manager responsible for the design and deployment of an online billing and payment system for PG&E, one of the largest energy utilities in the U.S. He later acquired EphronTech, a software development company based in the San Francisco Bay Area with operations in southern India. Under his direction, EphronTech has delivered a broad range of software solutions for consumer, property and casualty insurance, marketplace lending and private securities businesses, including PG&E, Argo Group, Life360, Bear Stearns and JP Morgan. Mr. Prakash earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from MK University and a Masters in Business Technology Administration. He is a columnist covering technology trends for Vikatan, a Tamil-language periodical that enjoys the second largest circulation in Asia and The Hindu, one of the oldest newspaper publishing group from India.