Escrow Services for Platforms and Registered Funding Portals

North Capital Private Securities is a self-clearing broker-dealer approved to provide escrow services for offerings under Reg D, Reg A+, Reg S, and Reg CF offerings. We offer a full technology stack to facilitate the automatic creation and processing of deal escrows. Our team has years of experience in private securities and provides efficient, compliant processes to help guide you through your capital raise from opening escrow, accepting funds, processing returns, disbursing funds, and closing the account.

  • Escrows for all private offerings including Reg A, Reg CF, Reg D, and Reg S.
  • Same-day view into account activity
  • Regulatory Compliant Processes
  • Investor KYC and AML Verification
  • ACH, Wire, and Check funds processing
  • Supports International investors
  • Quick and easy account set up
  • Competitive Pricing
  • E-sign Escrow Agreements
  • Private Securities Experienced Team

The Process


Meet The Team

A member of our business development team will schedule a call with you to introduce North Capital and answer any questions you may have.
Schedule A Call


NCPS Review

NCPS will perform a review of the deal and your company to ensure that there are no potential red flags that would prevent us from being able to do business with you.
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Escrow Agreement

NCPS will send a standard form agreement to you for electronic signature to confirm the terms of the escrow.


Account Opened

NCPS will open the escrow account when the escrow agreement has been completed.


Online Access

You will receive an email from NCPS with instructions on how to set up your online access through the North Capital Portal. This access will give you real time view into all of your open accounts at NCPS.