Individuals, Joint Owners, Entities, and Trusts

North Capital Private Securities provides custody services for individuals, joint owners, entities, and trusts. Our online portal allows our customers to view their account balances, generate reports, and view transactions in real time. Contact us today to open your custodial account.

  • $0 account opening or maintenance fees.1
  • $0 account minimum.1
  • ACH, Wire, and Check funds processing
  • Online access to view account in real time
  • Quick and easy account set up

1Other account fees, fund expenses, and brokerage commissions may apply.

The Process


Account Agreement

Complete our online DocuSign Account Agreement to kick off the custodial account opening process.
Get Started


NCPS Review

An NCPS principal will perform a review of your account to ensure that their are no potential red flags that would prevent us from being able to do business with you. This includes a KYC and AML check.


Account Opened

NCPS will open your custodial account when the account has been approved by an NCPS principal.


Online Access

You will receive an email from NCPS with instructions on how to set up your online access through the North Capital Portal. This access will give you real time view into all of your open accounts at NCPS.


Support Team

The North Capital Custody Operations team is available for any questions you may have. They can be contacted at: