How to test ACH Transfers

To test the ACH Transfer process in our sandbox environment, the external account nickname that is added through the “createExternalAccount” method must have a specific nickname in order to test certain workflows. Our system scans the nickname of the external account to see if it matches one of the testing nicknames. If the nickname matches, the system will go through a series of API methods which will mimic the responses that occur during an ACH transfer.

The following PDF includes the test nicknames and their results:


Is there a maximum dollar amount for an ACH transfer?

Yes. The maximum dollar amount that can be debited is $100,000.00.

Why is a check number required for External Fund Move?

The checknumber field is a required by our third-party provider to process an ACH Transfer. We ask that you populate this field with the Trade ID so that you can track the Status of the ACH within the TransactAPI Admin Panel.

What happens if an ACH fails?

If an ACH transfer fails, the external account will need to be updated and the externalFundMove will need to be initiated again. Fees are charged to the client for each failed ACH transfer in the production environment.

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