North Capital is the leading provider of transaction technology for primary issuance of exempt securities, and we are driving the evolution of clearing, custody and secondary markets on the Ethereum blockchain.

We create and deliver services, utilizing custom APIs, open source blockchain technology, smart contracts and securities tokens to transform access, liquidity, and transparency of exempt securities.

Our Registered Investment Advisor, North Capital Inc. was founded in 2008. The firm’s founder, Jim Dowd, started the firm after spending 20+ years as an Institutional Asset Manager, with the goal of bringing institutional grade advice to retail clients.  North Capital Inc is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, with branch offices in Benicia, CA, McAllen, TX, Sea Island, GA, and Pittsburg, PA.


Our Team

Jim Dowd

Founder & Managing Director

Stephanie Holt

Chief Operations Officer

Sara Borazan

Director of Business Development

Anton Prakash

Chief Technologist

Chris Kellett

Chief Financial Officer

Siggy Tomasetti

General Counsel

Shawn Crouse

Chief Compliance Officer

Richard “Grant” Nelson

Director of Origination

Michael T. Weaver, Jr.

Director of Private Funds

Minh Le

Origination & Due Diligence

Justine McCartin

Registered Principal

Linsey Harkness

Director of Operations

Jessi Mills

Manager of Operations

Bridgot Basile

Managing Director, North Capital Inc.

Danyell Bjornstad

Office Admin, Registered Paraplanner

Juan Garcia

Managing Director, North Capital Inc.

Gaby Giacchino

Director - Operations and Human Resources

Frances Harkins


Jake Gallagher

Director of Sales

Nikki Gilbreth

Director of Sales

Carly Kneidinger

Integration Manager

Priyanka Singh

Project Manager

David Witkoff


Shelby Cluff


Robert Auma

Finance Associate

Susan Deesing


Brooke Larney


Sharon Mack

Operations Associate